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Astana is another wonder of the world


Astana is another wonder of the world

In 1997, the President of sovereign Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, suggested to move the capital from Almaty to Akmola. This decision was based on the important geo-political location of the city in the center of Kazakhstan and the Eurasian continent as well as on the availability of transport and communication infrastructure. The capital's new location was also chosen for the availability of space and land which would allow the city to develop.

It was once said that "the West is the West, the East is the East and they will never be together". In Kazakhstan there is a city which disproves this saying that seemed irrefutable.

In 1998 the new capital was renamed. It was given the name "Astana", which stands for "Capital" in Kazakh.

The entire world built Astana

The young capital which changes as we watch is the symbol of creation, creativity and progress of the Kazakh people.





construction companies

construction companies

supplying construction materials took part in building Astana.

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