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China Pavilion holds press conference in Beijing


China Pavilion holds press conference in Beijing

The Astana Expo 2017, to be held from June 10 to Sept 10 in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, will have "Future Energy" as its theme, and the China Pavilion will highlight four key points, according to a press conference held on Jan 5.

The four points were outlined by Wang Jinzhen, deputy head of the China Pavilion's organization committee and deputy head of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT). They are the Belt and Road Initiative, China’s advanced technologies, its views on energy utilization and its approach to sustainable development.

The logo of the China Pavilion was also unveiled at the conference.

It's the first time that China has given such a comprehensive introduction of its advanced technologies and ideas in energy utilization and sustainable development at an international event.

China will focus mainly on energy and the Belt and Road Initiative, the leading themes of its participation. Large domestic energy enterprises such as China National Petroleum Corporation and State Grid will take part in the Expo's core exhibition, where cutting edge technological achievements in fields such as solar energy, nuclear energy and wind energy will be displayed.

Diversified activities will be a highlight of this year's expo, which will have the greatest number of Chinese large-size enterprises, provinces and cities of all World Expos ever held outside China. A series of activities, including a China Day, a China-Kazakhstan energy cooperation forum and a tourism cooperation forum will be organized in accordance with the Belt and Road Initiative.

The organization committee of the China Pavilion, approved by the State Council and led by the CCPIT and National Energy Administration, is in charge of the preparation and management of China's participation in the expo, according to Wang, who added that everything is going smoothly as scheduled. China was among the first countries to sign the exhibition agreement and was the first one to accept an exhibition pavilion.

A representative of Kazakhstan at the conference introduced the Expo and expressed appreciation of China's support.

Wang said that the leaders of China and Kazakhstan consider China's participation in the Expo an opportunity to strengthen the comprehensive cooperation between the countries.

The Expo will be the first hosted by a Central Asian country. To date, 112 countries and 18 international organizations are confirmed as participants.