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I. Theme: Living the Green Life with New Energy

II. Date: July 24, 2017

III. Content:

(I) Demonstration:

Recommend the distinctive elements of Yunnan to the Organization Committee of China Pavilion around the theme "energy" and cooperate to accomplish the arrangement of the core exhibition area, the preparation of exhibition items and the shooting of videos. Meanwhile, select and make an item on display with Yunnan characteristics, and showcase it at the multifunctional hall or the relevant area at China Pavilion. The relevant exhibits may be put on the exhibition tour along the visiting route of the leaders of enterprises, city and province to Central Asia.

The regular exhibition items to be selected or recommended: the projects to be developed, utilized or promoted of the independent innovative biomass energy in Yunnan, with the specific expressive form in the demonstration of production process and technique with the physical models; highlight the commercial applied technology of the strategic new industrial biomass energy, e.g. such high-quality and high-cleanness energy products as electric energy, heat energy, gas and fuel oil.

(II) Activities (Yunnan Activity Day)

Plan the opening ceremony of the Activity Day, artist programs (small-sized), intangible material demonstration, travel promotion, economic and trade exchange, and project discussions inside and outside the park; focus on exquisite design of the economic and trade, tourism and cultural activities; incorporate the Central Asian countries (excluding Kazakhstan) and the countries along the "Belt and Road" when designing the itinerary of visit based on market demand during the activities outside the park.

(III) Forum

The Organizing Committee of China Pavilion plans to hold the Sino-Kazakhstan Energy Forum surrounding the Pavilion Day. We will invite the delegations from enterprises, city and province to participate , and we will play a positive role in leading Yunnan enterprises to make use of this platform to expand exchange and promote cooperation.