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With unique new energy resources, the theoretical reserve of wind energy in the province is estimated at 237 million KW with 82 million KW of installation available. Beside this, the solar radiation in the province is 4800-6400 MJ per square meter. Its theoretical development of solar reserve reaches to 120 million KW.

Gansu's new energy industry has grown rapidly in recent years. Its wind power installation is ranked second in the country, while PV installation is ranked in first place. As China's important base for the new energy industry, Gansu province has been playing a positive role in building prosperity throughout society via the promotion of adjusted energy structures.

During the 12th Five-Year period (2011-15), Gansu's new energy power generation reached 64.8 billion KW. Part of the output has been assimilated within the Grid with the surplus transported to eastern parts of the country through different provinces and regions, saving the equivalent of around 20.09 million tons of standard coal, 52.23 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions and 640,000 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions, contributing more to energy saving and emission reduction as well as haze governance throughout China.

To date, 55 new energy equipment manufacturers have moved into the province. Their capacity of wind power equipment manufacturing has reached 3 million KW per year and the PV Module has formed a whole industry chain with the exemption of smelting silicon.

The new energy industry has become an important pillar for Gansu province to catch up with provinces across the country and help transform the development of energy sources.