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Based on the deep integration of informatization and industrialization, Cotte formed a complete system of IoT, making it its unique core value, while creating brand-new thoughts and methods.

1. Manufacturing distinctive products through industrialization, high efficiency and low cost.

2. It provides thorough and professional solutions to upgrade traditional manufacturing, and helps transform the traditional industry into a Internet industry.

3. Customers' needs no longer have to pass through all the levels of traditional agents to factories, instead, they can be automatically and instantaneously delivered to the factory.

For the manufacturer, with IoT, Internet and other technologies, an intense integration of production process can be achieved.

After the customers design their own clothes in the terminal, we can deliver them within seven working days after the design has been submitted to the factory.

Every dress is a story.  

4. Innovative ideas that lead in the industry development. Strategically, "source" refers to vision to the demands, and the source theory of the company means that all behaviors should take demands as the source.

To motivate, integrate and coordinate resources on the value chain by demands from the source.

The company can achieve its goals and value by maximizing the satisfaction of their customers

This is the strategic core of development in Kutesmart - the SOURCE thought.