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As leaders in the women's light luxury industry, the all-star brand BADINA and Italian light luxury brand COLOVE feature cultural elements of China's 5,000 year long history and modern art with an innovative concept. They will undertake the glorious mission of conveying the beauty of modern China to the rest of the world, whilst promoting the Belt and Road construction and the cultural revival of the "Silk Road". They have designed an exclusive clothing series for the 2017 Astana Expo China Pavilion staff and volunteers, displaying the peaceful, prosperous, open and civilized qualities of the Silk Road, whilst bringing China's modern style to the world.

As well as the global media conference, a brand advertising day and fashion show held in Astana, both brands will also hold a crossover tour exploring dress culture and arts alongside a VIP fashion tour across the country to showcase the brands' style. They will also be launching high-end customization services for successful political and business women.

Media outlets like CCTV, ZHEJIANG TV, COSMO magazine, ZHEJIANG Businessmen magazine and the global Zhejiang businessmen network media amongst many others are set to report on this international event.