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Introduction of Hainan Day


Hainan Day, themed "Beautiful Hainan, Healthy Island", will be held in the China Pavilion of the Astana Expo on August 14. Many activities will be launched during the day, including the opening ceremony, the international economic and trade exchange lunch party, and exhibitions of special items and intangible cultural heritages.

The opening ceremony will begin at 11:00 am. About 120 people, including Hainan delegation, leaders of the China Pavilion and the Organizing Committee of the Astana Expo, Pavilion government representatives of other countries, representatives of Kazakhstan's business and enterprises and special guests, economic and trade delegation of Hainan province and media representatives of China and other countries will attend the ceremony. At the event, a publicity video of Hainan International Tourism Island will be displayed, and a 20-minute performance on unique Hainan culture will be staged.

International economic and trade exchange lunch party will be held at 12:00 pm in the banquet hall at the Chinese Food and Cultural Center on the second floor. Nearly 200 representatives from Hainan industries including tourism, health care, food, and agriculture and Kazakhstan enterprises will attend the event. During the event, a publicity video on Hainan's key industries will be displayed and an industrial promotional fair will be held. Business exchanges and live performances of dancing and singing will also be held during dinner to effectively deepen the cooperation between the two nations.

The China Pavilion will also see other colorful activities throughout the day. Li brocade, a "living fossil" in the Chinese textile history and an intangible cultural heritage listed by UNESCO in 2009, will be exhibited. Chinese physiotherapy with Hainan characteristics will also be displayed. In the exhibitions of special items, the exquisite Hainan chrysanthemum pear handicrafts will be exhibited. Simultaneously, Hainan publicity items and souvenirs will be handed out to guests, and Hainan Coffee and specialty food tasting services will also be held.