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Shandong is located in the abundant and beautiful eastern peninsula of the Asian-European continent. It faces the Pacific countries and borders the inland European and Asian countries, making it an important business and cultural hub linking the maritime and continental Silk Road. Following the vision of creating a community of shared destiny for all of mankind, the people of Shandong put great efforts into working for the common goal of promoting health, security, environmental protection, well-being and sustainable development of the human society, vigorously promoting the sustainable development and recycling of green energies such as solar, wind, biomass, geothermal, marine and nuclear energy, providing unlimited possibilities and wonders for the future of mankind and innovative ideas for the development of energy industry. The honors, including "Hospitable Shandong People", "Good Shandong Culture", and "Beautiful Shandong Scenery", vividly embody what Shandong is, a lush, green, vibrant and ecological homeland.

Shandong possesses the brand-name advantages such as integrity, craftsmanship, innovative vitality, a pro-business environment, high-quality services and innovative land. For the common goal of sustainable, green, safe and healthy development of the human society, the people of Shandong, along with people around the world, will build a road of energy cooperation, cultural exchange, mutual development and dream sharing, creating a brighter future for common development, common prosperity and shared achievements.