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The Astana station is a major railway junction. There are many direct routes from Astana to the major cities of Kazakhstan. Astana is also a major highway junction. Highways M -36 Chelyabinsk - Almaty and A -343 Astana - Petropavlovsk pass through the town.

International Airport, located some 16 km from Astana, is one of the most modern airports in the Eurasian continent . The airport serves 13 airlines which operate regular passenger flights within the country and in countries near and far abroad. Today the airport is well equipped and has the ability to accept all types of aircraft.

Inside the city a motor transport is well developed, carrying 99% of both passenger and freight traffic. Dynamics is observed to increase passenger and freight traffic. Nearly a thousand buses running daily on more than 50 routes throughout the city and suburbs. Length of all bus lines is nearly 2000 km.