Theme of China Pavilion

The theme of China Pavilion is "Future Energy and Green Silk Road". "Future Energy" will be crucial for focusing on tackling energy crises and help promote energy sustainable development in the future. China's various practices and considerations about how to develop, utilize and protect new energy will be the highlight of this year's China Pavilion. "Green Silk Road" is a reflective interpretation of China's green development idea in accordance with its "Belt and Road" Initiative. With these themes, EXPO 2017 is a new way for China and other countries to share energy utilization, protection and operational experience, encouraging people around the world to come work together for the protection of our world.

Design plan

Composed of the Preface, an Energy Corridor, a Chinese Wisdom and Practice Section, an Energy Dream Theater, a Global Responsibility and Partnership Section, and a Last Section and Reception Area, the China Pavilion will display China’s fruits in energy development, with its "Artificial Minisun" nuclear fusion technology as the highlight.

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Major Events

Corporate activities of China Pavilion

The "global mission and partners" exhibition area will display the energy technologies cooperation achievements between China and other countries.

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