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Hubei lies in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River and to the north of the Dongting Lake. It enjoys the advantage of a central location in China, which bridges the east and west, the north and south and from which major rivers flow to the sea. Wuhan is the capital city of Hubei. If we draw a circle with Wuhan as the center, within 1,200 kilometers the circle would cover 70 percent of the large-and-medium-sized cities in China. Therefore, Hubei province is well-known as "a thoroughfare of nine provinces" with a network of transportation by plane, water, highway and railway.

As the birthplace of the ancient "Empire Shennong" and of Chu Culture,Hubei was an important place of the Three Kingdoms Culture and the first place of the Xinhai Revolution. Hubei has the beautiful scenery of the Three Gorges and the well-known "Green Treasure House" of the Shennongjia Forest Region with many rare animals and plants. The mysterious ancient building on the Wudang Mountain and the grave of Empire Xian are world heritage sites. Hubei enjoys a long-standing history with splendid culture and it is known that "many talented people come from Chu". Fifty-three years ago, Chairman Mao Zedong wrote a line of poetry which goes like this: "looking afar to the open sky of Chu".

Hubei is known as "the province with a thousand lakes" and "the land of fish and rice". The ancients said "the bumper harvest of Hubei and Hunan provinces reassures China's food safety". Nowadays, Hubei is one of the major production areas in China for rice, cotton, oil, and tea. Its fresh water products are also recognized all over the country. All these products are popular in domestic and foreign markets.

Hubei has a solid industrial foundation and a system of modern industry. Its main industries include automobiles, metallurgy, electronic information, food, machinery, electricity, chemicals, textiles and construction materials.

Hubei has a large number of top universities, colleges, research institutes and national key laboratories, making itself the second largest concentration of intellectuals and the third major education center in China.

Hubei province's history begins from the Era of Shennong and dates back thousands of years. Today Hubei is vigorous -- its resources, products, technologies, and location all complement each other. Hubei will create a prosperous and shining future.