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Energy is the backbone of urban socio-economic development. As a mega city with a large population and gigantic energy resource inflow, Shanghai has increased its spending on energy over the past couple of years, resulting in a significant improvement in energy infrastructure and new energy industry development. Therefore, while continuing to safeguard energy security, socio-economic innovation, upgrade, transformation and development are also ensured:

First, a number of major pilot projects are under construction to improve energy provisions. In terms of power grids, the world's first 800KV upward HVDC and 1000kV HVAC transmitted from Anhui Province have begun operation. The city now has a main network frame based on an outer-city power acceptance channel with four alternating current and direct current transmittance and 500kV double-loop urban network.

Power supply is sourced from an array of ultra supercritical coal machines in Shanghai Waigaoqiao No. 3 Power Generation Co. Ltd. and Shanghai Shangdian Caojing Power Generation Co. Ltd., together with 9F natural gas units in power generation plants in Lingang and Fengxian. Shanghai Waigaoqiao No 3 Power Generation Co. Ltd. stands as an exemplary national base for coal energy conservation and emission reduction - the inner city installed capacity exceeds 23 GW.

West-east natural gas transmission, Yangshan LNG and Sichuan-east natural gas transmission have been completed, creating a multiple-channel natural gas supply system with a high-pressure pipeline network of more than 750 km. The 100 MW East China Sea Bridge Wind Power Farm (China’s first maritime wind energy exemplary project), and the 6.7 MG Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Train Roof-top photovoltaic exemplary project were completed, leading the country forward in various fields of green energy. Up to the end of 2015, the city boasted a wind energy installed capacity of 610 MW and a solar energy installed capacity of 290 MW, a two-fold and 14-fold increase compared with those in the 11th Five Year Plan period.

With energy-related scientific and technological industries accelerating development, Shanghai has become a significant base for energy technology R&D and equipment manufacturing. We have focused on the nation's strategic sectors and created a comprehensive industrial chain in the key fields, such as nuclear power, advanced thermal power, gas turbine, energy storage and intelligent grids.

Nuclear Power:

● The first AP1000 steam generator, CRDM (Control Rod Drive Mechanism) and reactor internals.

●The first HTGR (High Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactor) pressure vessel was qualified in a hydraulic test.

● A breakthrough at Dynamic Rod Worth Measurement, which offers strong support to the development of new types of reactor for nuclear power station.

Thermal Power:

● Successfully developed 1 GW double reheat ultra-super critical unit and the first IGCC gasifier, leading China to the premier league of thermal power technology.

● Shanghai Electric became a shareholder of Ansaldo, a step to upgrade the R&D capability in gas turbine.

Intelligent grids:

●Successfully developed the first 35kV high temperature superconducting cable insulation system.

● Taking the lead in making breakthroughs in key technologies such as energy storage grid inverters and HVDC Lights.

● Mastered a complete set of key technologies in sensitized fuel battery and developed the world's largest sodium sulfur battery.

● A pilot line put into use with an annual output of 2 megawatts. Others: A batch of state-level research institutions were established in Shanghai, such as the National Energy Intelligent Grids User Terminal Key Laboratory and the National Coal Gasification Technology Research and Development Center.