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Shanghai is an important base for energy technology and application in China, and has abundant experience as the host city of the 2010 World Expo. Shanghai earnestly implemented the deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, and hosted the Shanghai World Expo with great success.

During the 2012 Yeosu Expo in Korea and the 2015 Milan World Expo in Italy, Shanghai organized a series of performances and activities during China Pavilion Day and Shanghai Week. It was highly praised by the leaders of the State Council and amongst all industrial circles at home and abroad. Thus China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) headquarters specially invited Shanghai to participate in the Astana Expo, organize Shanghai Week and business exchange activities, and to continuously undertake the art performance for the China Pavilion Day.

Shanghai, as one of the key municipalities in China participating in the Astana Expo, will hold a five-day "Shanghai Week" from July 2 to 6, 2017. The municipal government has attached great importance to the event, and has also set up a working group in Shanghai to participate in the activities in the China Pavilion in the 2017 Kazakhstan Astana World Expo.

The five-day Shanghai Week includes an opening ceremony and reception on July 3, and concurrent activities outside the expo site. Some of the highlights include:

●Highlight 1: Artists will be presenting spectacular performance to convey the deep friendship between China and Kazakhstan.

To portray the deep and long-standing friendship between China and Kazakhstan, and to fully demonstrate the characteristics of Chinese and Shanghai culture, a blend of national and Shanghai's first-class artists and outstanding actors will be presenting a spectacular performance through vocal music, dance, instrumentals, opera, acrobatics and other art forms to celebrate the "China Pavilion Day" and "Shanghai Week Art Performance".

The performance, exquisite and elegant in a warm and joyful atmosphere, will incorporate the cultural characteristics of Kazakhstan, demonstrate the "Belt and Road" Initiative, display the theme of the Expo - "Future Energy" - and convey the vision of a green future. It will also express gratitude and respect to the Expo, as well as the friendship of the peoples between the two countries.

● Highlight 2: The Theme Exhibition of "Future Energy and Lifestyle" will echo the theme of the Astana Expo.

The Shanghai Theme Exhibition will be held during July 3 - 5 with the theme of "New Silk Road, New Way of Life", to echo the theme of the Astana Expo. As China's largest economic center, Shanghai will showcase the charm and strength of the city, and its efforts to build an international modern fashion capital.

The exhibition will focus on displaying advanced energy equipment, technology and technical services, as well as the scientific research findings relating to advanced energy systems, new energy, energy investment, and clean and sustainable use of traditional energy from well-known Shanghai energy companies through video clips, models, pictures and text to vigorously promote and demonstrate Shanghai's progress in building "Four Centers", the "Pilot Free Trade Zone" and a "Scientific and Technological Innovation Center".