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Fujian energy


Fujian fully utilizes its resource advantages, adheres to clean and low-carbon development, continues to increase investment in scientific research, and vigorously develops innovative and renewable resources to establish a modern energy system with coordination between resource development and ecological civilization, as well as to promote the construction of an important energy base on China's southeast coast.

Strengthen technological innovation and enhance the momentum of energy innovation and development. Fujian has identified five strategic emerging industries as the development direction to focus energy related technology innovation, namely: new materials; new energy; energy saving and environmental protection; high-end equipment construction; and marine high-tech industry. It has also actively guided investment in key areas for innovative technology, such as clean and efficient use of coal, distributed energy, energy conservation, and emission reduction and pollution control. Fujian actively participated in the research and demonstration of cutting-edge nuclear power technology, such as fast neutron reactors and high-temperature gas-cooled reactors. It also encouraged the cooperation between enterprises and universities, research organs and design institutes to establish national key laboratories and engineering and technology centers. It strives to set up a new generation state-level nuclear power engineering and technology R&D center, offshore wind power equipment R&D center and enhance the capacity to tackle difficulties in engineering equipment technology. Fujian also positively fights for building a new energy cooperative R&D center across the Taiwan Strait. Making the most of Internet technology, Fujian has built an energy industry technology R&D base effectively combining Internet virtual-and-live demonstrations. Fujian accelerated the pace of industrialization for scientific research, and has gradually built an enterprise-centered, market-oriented, industrially and technologically innovative energy system combined with production, study and research.

Optimize energy structure and build a green energy system. Formulating the 13th Five-Year energy development plan, Fujian will construct a clean, efficient, and secure green energy system with sustainable development. By 2020, the share of clean energy will have risen by 3.4%, nuclear power generation by 59.8%, wind power generation by 184%, pumped-storage power generation by 29.2%, biomass power generation by 67%, and solar photovoltaic generation by 500%. Moreover, the coal consumption of thermal power generation will have declined by 4.6%, making energy consumption per GDP within the national index.

Focus on reinforcing foundations and developing a new energy equipment industry. Fujian adopts the highest international safety standards, steadily pushing forward the construction of nuclear power. Fujian also optimizes its main transmission network structure and thus achieves intelligent automation within the power distribution network. Fujian has sped up the construction of its national offshore wind and power R&D center, and strives to build a wind power industry base on China’s southeast coast for manufacturing offshore wind turbines, parts and accessories capable of withstanding typhoons. The new energy industry chain has a fully independent innovative capacity and is well equipped with industry facilities, forming a strong, comprehensive competitiveness. Fujian continues to establish and improve its energy equipment standards, detection and authentication systems and enhance the capacities of energy equipment design, manufacturing and system integration.