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Overall information


KUTESMART concentrates on the research and practice of the "Internet industry", and holds "customization" as its core principle. It creates a set of complete solutions, SDE, on transforming and upgrading traditional enterprises. The company cooperates with other industries in multiple fields and provides digital, smart, global and whole-industry-chain solutions. It will also offer a type of nanny support and service for partners during the entire process of building an internet industry mode that integrates industry and commerce and the Customer-to-Manufactory (C2M) commercial ecology.

The ultimate prospect of KUTESMART is to "become a respected world-class public enterprise". It takes "contribution to new industrial civilization of human beings" as its mission and fully utilizes the internet thinking to make products, while prioritizing the philosophy of quality, integrity, innovation and service, and always paying close attention to user experience, while constantly improving its services. The application of cloud computing, big data and Internet of Things are put into use in each production link, supply chain and terminals.

KUTESMART thoroughly overturned the traditional mode, changing the slow into fast, making the impossible possible, transforming traditional industry into scientific and technological industry, guiding the labor-intensive industry into high value-added industry. It injects competitive power into traditional industries and provides a profit model and a complete solution throughout the full life cycle for traditional industries. KUTESMART is composing a new chapter of increasing income while reducing expenditure in the internet age.